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Civilization is Institutionalised Morality

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Every Civilization Has a Different Mystery.The Earth provided shelter to numerous civilizations while it witnessed the adventure of mankind. Ancient civilizations, tribal civilizations, mystical civilizations, regional civilizations, modern civilizations, lost civilizations…

Substantial historical and cultural structures were formed out of collaborative living disciplines developed in different forms. The trace of several civilizations developed over civilizations has been brought up to date.

Anatolia is considered as the cradle of civilization over all historical times. Since Ancient Age, the seeds of profound civilizations have grown on this land. The roads of different civilizations intersected in this geography; culture and values were shared, told, enriched.

While the records and masterpieces brought from past to present gave clues to us about previous periods, all the civilizations in the world having secret aspects and unsolved mysteries, have always accomplished to attract the attention and curiosity of people.
The mystical civilization culture exposed its difference among civilizations at all respects through the technical, ethical and aesthetical unity it has. As an ideal civilization model, with its past and present reflections, it has become a precious source of attraction for people.